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What They Say About Waterwisp®

"Waterwisp may be the most lifelike dry fly currently in commercial production."

Outdoor Writers

"Nothing made of hook and feathers looks so much like a real mayfly or sits so deceptively on the water...They can be the difference between a successful day on difficult fish, or none at all."

— Charlie Meyers, Denver Post

"Truly amazing! Unique in every sense of the word."

— Dave Engerbretson, Western Field Editor,

"The Waterwisp... shined by outcatching...[and] continued to take fish before traditional flies."

— Tom Meade, Providence, RI, Journal-Bulletin

"...beautifully constructed... and they catch trout."

— David Rossie, Binghamton, NY, Press & Sun-Bulletin



"Awesome... Brings fish up like nothing I've ever seen... terrific hooking power."

— Rick Hooley, San Juan River, Navajo Dam, NM

"Incredible... they out-fish conventional dries by a wide margin."

— Steve Horton, Green River, Flaming Gorge, UT

"Your #16 Adams made some very smart fish look like fools on the American River."

— Mark Kniprath, No See Um Lodge, Alaska

"A couple of days ago I had a client fishing on the...biggest tributary of the Test, where the rule is strictly upstream dry fly only...The usual stuff didn't seem to be working...the water was incredibly clear [so] the reactions of the trout...could be clearly observed - a wag of the tail, the occasional lift to inspect but "no cigar"...We tied on a small olive Waterwisp pattern. The first fish, a brown of around 20 inches took on the first shot without question, as did around ten others during the day...The fish were impressed and so were we. If Waterwisps work on English chalk streams, they'll work anywhere!"

— William Daniel, FamousFishing, UK

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