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Capt. Brady's Saltwater Flies

Olive Anchovy - An epoxy replica of a favorite forage fish eaten by many species, especially false albacore, Spanish mackerel and striped bass. Fish this epoxy-headed fly at the level where these baitfish school, with an intermediate line. $4.95
Bendback Sunbeam - A weedless selection with a slow sink rate, perfect for shallow weedbeds and wherever snagging is a problem. Tied in a chartreuse over white pattern, the orange nose often triggers strikes from nearly every species. It can be fished fast or slow. $3.50
Crab Whistler - Intended for redfish and spotted (speckled) seatrout, where these shallow water fish are marauding weedy edges , or grassy stickups, feeding on small crabs and snails. Fish it with no movement or in very slow twitches, right in front of a redfish and hang on. $2.95
Rainbow Ultra - A minnow pattern, intended to represent a bay anchovy, silverside or mummachog. This fly should be presented along the bottom, bouncing along stones and shell structure and worked as slow as practical without hanging on snags, Great fly on stripers and seatrout. $3.75
Brady's Bubbler - A topwater noise-maker designed to be lighter and easier to throw with lighter saltwater lines. Its brilliant green color is a trigger for finicky Spanish mackerel, and false albacore, as well as a host of saltwater predators. $3.50
Deep Minnow - A classic go-to fly used for nearly every species that feeds on bay anchovies, Atlantic silversides, or a variety of minnow baitfish. Typically fished in rapid 18-inch strips, the hot orange nose and prominent eyes focus predator strikes, and this fly sinks fairly quickly for deeper water presentations. $2.95
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