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BlueSky Furled Tapered Leaders

Rebirth of a Classic

First described by Isaac Walton almost 250 years ago, furled tapered leaders still represent a crowning achievement in the art of leader-making. Designed to cast small flies over wary fish delicately and precisely, furled tapered leaders provide a drag-free float and an incredibly soft and effortless turnover even in windy conditions. They are particularly effective in spring creek and other situations where complex currents and slow water give trout time to inspect and reject all but the best-presented offerings.

First mentioned in The Compleat Angler in 1766, furled leaders originally were fashioned from horsehair. Silk, gut and then nylon products later displaced horsehair. The art of furling these other materials fell into disuse because of the difficulties and labor involved in hand-crafting them for commercial use. Only a few dedicated and patient artisans were willing to learn and practice the time-consuming furling of as many as 90 feet of leader material into a six-foot masterpiece – the tapered furled leader.

However, BlueSky now has revived the art of making furled leaders with tapers, sizes and styles to suit modern fly rod weights from 1 to 9. They’re the perfect leader for casting tight loops to picky fish. In fact, BlueSky leaders will cast by hand. Just hold the butt end, cast it and watch the leader unroll.

And these are not hollow-centered braided leaders which absorb moisture and land heavily on the water. Each BlueSky leader is fashioned from more than 30 yards of material to produce two separate types of base: a 5’9” base for stream fishing and an 8’4” base for still waters. To each, one attaches a 6”-8” permanent extension as transition to tippets which can now be as long as 20 feet because of the energy transfer made possible by BlueSky’s design. Due to the shock-absorbing elasticity of Blue Sky furled tapered leaders, tippets can be as light as 8X. In addition, BlueSky leaders are durable. Since only the extender and tippet need adjusting, the life of a furled base will be measured in months or seasons rather than hours or days.

Waterwisp is pleased to introduce BlueSky furled tapered leaders to our customers at special prices. For a limited time we’ll automatically discount the price of each furled leader by $1.00 with any $25.00 minimum order of Waterwisp flies and/or hooks.

To buy BlueSky tapered furled leaders, click on your leader of choice:

BlueSky Furled Leaders - Still Water


BlueSky Furled Leaders - River and Stream


For additional information on BlueSky tapered furled leaders, click here.

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